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ChinaRaw is an original and unique platform where we present stories of China through various lenses of storytelling and other forms of arts and culture events and projects.

We believe stories can be narrated, danced, painted, recorded and showcased, and that they are powerful tools to express and understand cultural identity.

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ChinaRaw offers a window on the traditional and modern Chinese culture in a multidimensional and creative approach through stories. Our aim is to bridge not only geographic distance, but also to unravel stereotypes and untangle judgements by discovering and presenting China’s ever-changing cultural identity directly, without filters, in its rawness.

Stories are the foundation that ChinaRaw is built upon because stories make us who we are.

ChinaRaw is based in The Netherlands, and we strive to focus our support for and foster stories from the Chinese local communities, while offering a broader view that renders the Chinese cultural identity more accessible to everyone.



We are driven by the power of storytelling as a tool to express and understand cultural identity in a more authentic way in order to strip away judgments, misinterpretations, and cultural stereotypes to broaden understanding, integration and connection.

Our mission is to open a window on the Chinese culture using a multidimensional and creative approach through story-based events and workshops designed to create a dialogue between the local Chinese communities within the (inter)national community.

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Our vision is to create a platform for the Chinese people of The Netherlands in which their diverse voices are expressed, heard and represented in a more authentic, open and inclusive way, hence the name “raw”.

We envision ChinaRaw becoming a hub in which stories, experiences and expertise find a common ground where they can be discovered, encouraged and shared.