Our Team

We are a small group, like bamboo, we have the patience and ambition to grow higher and bigger. If you think you can contribute to /ChinaRaw/ mission, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@chinarawstories.com

Photo by Emiliano Bonaffini

Photo by Emiliano Bonaffini

Gea Bonaffini i founder &Creative director

After having lived in China for almost a decade, Gea decided to move back to Europe in 2015 and soon after settled down in the city of Amsterdam. With one foot in the west and the other still in the east, she endeavored to reintegrate into European society.

She did not want to leave her chopsticks behind and in order to support her passion for Chinese culture and appreciation for people, who, like her, live in between the west and the east, in 2017, she decided to create ChinaRaw and focus on what touches her most: stories and cultural identity.


Alexandra corazza i communications & foundraising

As a multimedia content creator and editor, Alexandra Corazza holds dear the philosophy that cultivating personal connections through storytelling is of such value that it can inspire a sense of community beyond cultural barriers. She believes that a story is a conduit for empathy, and empathy is the engine for change.

A quest to connect to communities internationally, took Alexandra from Haiti to China, from Kenya to Serbia – to countless countries and cultures. Her time in China, gave her a perspective and passion for /ChinaRaw/ and its vision and mission.

Alexandra uses visual marketing and global production to promote programs and initiatives with her Rome-based company: A|C and is also the founder of Finding Roots & Wings, a nonprofit organization devoted to offering workshops and gathering stories of displaced women as they work to rebuild their lives.