Our Team

We are a small group, like bamboo, we have the patience and ambition to grow higher and bigger. If you think you can contribute to /ChinaRaw/ mission, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@chinarawstories.com

Photo by Emiliano Bonaffini

Photo by Emiliano Bonaffini

Gea Bonaffini i founder &Creative director

After having lived in China for almost a decade, Gea decided to move back to Europe in 2015 and soon after settled down in the city of Amsterdam. With one foot in the west and the other still in the east, she endeavored to reintegrate into European society.

She did not want to leave her chopsticks behind and in order to support her passion for Chinese culture and appreciation for people, who, like her, live in between the west and the east, in 2017, she decided to create ChinaRaw and focus on what touches her most: stories and cultural identity.

xiaoji song i multimedia producer

Xiaoji Song is originally from Wuhan, also known as the “Punk City” of China. She came to Europe at the age of 18 to study Gender and Diversity at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in Kleve. From China to Germany and then to The Netherlands, Xiaoji has been feeling as both an insider and outsider in all the places where she has lived.

Driven by curiosity for the unknown and the responsibility to investigate her own identity, Xiaoji is passionate about creating avenues of dialogue through the unique lens of multimedia art and research. She has created and participated in several multimedia projects with a focus on diversity, digital society, migration and intersectionality. After moving to Amsterdam, she came across ChinaRaw and realized that it was the best place to keep exploring the possibilities of different mediums as well as her identity as a Chinese living in Europe.