Photo by Francois Chastnet

Photo by Francois Chastnet

Evaporating Stories is a series of public performances held in indoor or outdoor venues across The Netherlands where storytelling is combined with chinese water calligraphy.

In the performance, the audience is introduced into the life and story of the local Chinese community.

Water calligraphy or “earth painting” in Chinese is practiced by anonymous street calligraphers who appropriate public spaces throughout China into a large paper surface. Displaying literature, poetry and stories, the art involves the whole body, which is seen as a spontaneous dance and infinite formal renewals. The calligraphic practice corresponds to a research of self accomplishments or meditation, while the text slowly disappears as the water evaporates.

Taking part in such a performance is a journey in which we invite the audience to celebrate the impermanence of life and the ephemeral nature of our stories.

Each public performance is different and unique. Although the story, venue and performers may change, the goal remains the same: to explore and acknowledge the transient element of our being and the narratives of our life.

Would you like to host an Evaporating Stories performance? Get in touch with info@chinarawstories.com