One of the largest overseas Chinese populations in continental Europe is in The Netherlands, with the first group migrating to the country around 1911. Over the years, the Chinese community in The Netherlands has grown to include not only migrants from mainland China, but also people of Chinese heritage from the overseas communities of Indonesia, Suriname, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The Chinese community in the Netherlands consists of more than 100,000 people.

Globally, Chinese communities are often seen as somewhat isolated, and there is a tendency towards this in The Netherlands as well. Furthermore, in our society, the media have contributed to building up stereotypes and judgements around these communities. ChinaRaw seeks to unravel biases and cultivate understanding, thus conveying a brighter and more honest image of Chinese cultures.

At ChinaRaw, we are driven by the power of stories when used as a tool to express and understand cultural identity in an authentic way. Through events designed around and inspired by different styles of storytelling, we want to take on the challenge of exploring the malleability of cultural identity. We strive to foster a more inclusive community by promoting cultural integration and conveying China’s ever-changing cultural diversity and identity.

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